Our approach will set you free

– Watching more porn than you want?
– You feel miserable and guilty every time?
– Porn is slowing you down in having real enjoyment?
– Having struggles in your relationship?
– Do you want to win the battle against porn?
– Do you want to feel more love and affection?
– Become more attractive to the opposite sex!


About Life Without porn

Why should you follow our course?

You shouldn’t buy our program because of degrees in psychology. We are experienced professionals in the field of coaching. If you prefer a psychologist, hire one with a proven track record that you respect and pay him for the hours he is working for you. If you choose for our approach, that’s great! We will work together to achieve your freedom. If you’re not convinced, use all the free advice on our site and test it out.

Our course already helped lots of people, it has given people the necessary skills to succeed fighting against their excessive porn use. Saving not only peoples lifes but also marriages and families.

If you want to fight your porn use by yourself we encourage you to start with the book. If you want our personal help or if you have any questions about one of the products, then please contact us. We want you to have the best fitted approach for your personal situation.

Off course it’s possible to have a chat first, if you don’t feel comfortable with us then don’t buy the personal coaching product, no strings attached! We want you to be satisfied.


The value of our program

Invest a little for a lot of freedom

The self-help approach
The self-help book itself

Expert help course
The self-help book itself
Coaching via email (3 months)

All-In course
The self-help book itself
Coaching via email (3 months)
One on one coaching sessions (one each month)

*If our coaching programs are full, you can contact us via the contact form. In that way we can add you to a waiting list or update you about any free positions.

If you won’t quit today? Why should you stop tomorrow?

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